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Keyhubs Featured at Hatch Latin America February 22, 2016

Keyhubs Founder, Vikas Narula, was a featured presenter at this year’s inaugural HATCH Summit in Latin America, which took place February 17-21, 2016 at Kalu Yala, the world’s most sustainable community – located less than an hour from downtown Panama City.

HATCH is a community, movement, and a series of experiences designed to ACTIVATE CREATIVITY to HATCH a better world. In its 12th year, HATCH experience is a four day annual retreat-meets-summit gifted to 100 of the most provocative innovators, inventors, and cultural catalysts, across a wide range of disciplines.

Attendees who are invited each year cover a wide swath of humanity – Oscar-winning filmmakers, Grammy-winning Musicians, CEO’s and Founders of diverse companies and non-profits, designers from IDEO, NASA, Google, and a wide range of hackers, inventors, educators, disruptors, and mavericks.

This cross-pollinated alchemy of global perspectives, allows thought leaders to re-ignite their creative vision and opens them up to a new a network for life. The outcome has lead to hundreds new projects and collaborations, and ongoing mentorship opportunities.

Keyhubs was invited to address the power of informal networks and how they can be leveraged to “hatch” better outcomes in business and communities.

Keyhubs Presenting at The Forum in March February 15, 2016

Keyhubs will be presenting at The Forum in March.

Click here for details.


Keyhubs Featured in Pollen Midwest August 28, 2015

The Keyhubs story was featured in Pollen Midwest this month.

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Keyhubs Presenting at Two Conferences in July July 15, 2015

Keyhubs Founder, Vikas Narula, will be presenting at Minnesota Change Management Network (MNCMN) and InsideNGO’s Annual Conference on July 16th and 29th respectively. Please join us!

Keyhubs Featured In The Financial Times March 07, 2015

Keyhubs was recently featured in the Financial Times. Click here to read the article.