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We uncover hidden talent.
We uncover hidden talent.
We reveal how work gets done.
We provide insight into team dynamics that surprise, enlighten, and transform.
Keyhubs: See your organization like you never have before.

Uncover Hidden Potential

Organizations and leaders often underestimate the immense resources and talent they have available to them.

We help leaders see this. We uncover hidden talent and help leaders tap their full potential.

Diamonds don’t just appear on their own, you have to dig for them. Likewise, organizations have hidden “gems”.

Since¬†managers and executives can be several layers removed from the “trenches”, they frequently mis-identify their highly connected, most trusted individuals. The economics of this is significant.¬†It is estimated that an employee departure can cost an organization between 30-150% of their salary. How much more does a company lose if a ‘key hub’ leaves?

The Keyhubs methodology capitalizes on the “wisdom of crowds” to help managers get a truer picture of their most critical and valued employees.

"Keyhubs provides the data and insights that a manager needs to make educated decisions in a reorganization."   – FMC Technologies