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The hidden workplace: There's the organization chart - and then there's the way things really work. Fortune Magazine
The hidden workplace: There's the organization chart - and then there's the way things really work. Fortune Magazine
Keyhubs opens a window to a hidden and underappreciated aspect of the organization - the informal social network. Duke University
Mapping employees' relationships can help managers harness the real power in their organizations. Harvard Business Review
With Keyhubs we were able to get a grasp of what was requires to make our geographically dispersed team succeed. Barclays Capital
Keyhubs: Leaders in Workplace Social Analytics.

Why Keyhubs

Do you believe in the power and potency of human connection? Are you seeking to make your organization a more healthy, enjoyable, and connected experience for your team members? Are you looking to help your team understand the value and benefits of diversifying their network and experiences for personal and organizational growth and learning?

Then you have come to the right place.

At Keyhubs, we know the value of joyfully connecting with other humans and breaking down hierarchical divides, silos, and other barriers that prevent us from reaching our potential.

Since 2009, we have been helping organizations, leaders, and high potentials uncover their hidden gifts, tap their most valuable resources, and expand their circle of positive influence.

Are you looking to understand your people and teams more deeply? As a leader, are you looking to heighten your impact, influence, and / or ability to connect more authentically?

Let’s talk and explore the power of connection.

We give business leaders a new and illuminating perspective. Beyond the traditional top-down hierarchy, Keyhubs uncovers the tapestry of workplace relationships that largely dictate how work gets done.

Combining interactive experiences with state-of-the-art mapping and application software, Keyhubs provides insights around human connection that surprise, enlighten and transform.

Corporations routinely engage Keyhubs to help with difficult challenges, including large-scale change initiatives, new executive integrations, leadership development, succession planning, and cross-functional collaboration. Some of our clients include Accenture, Medtronic, Thrivent Financial, and the YMCA.

Our work has been featured in PollenTwin Cities Business MagazineForbes, and The Financial Times.

"Keyhubs is a cost-effective and user-friendly way to better understand your organization’s social networks.” – Author of From Workplace to Playspace