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The hidden workplace: There's the organization chart - and then there's the way things really work. Fortune Magazine
The hidden workplace: There's the organization chart - and then there's the way things really work. Fortune Magazine
Keyhubs opens a window to a hidden and underappreciated aspect of the organization - the informal social network. Duke University
Mapping employees' relationships can help managers harness the real power in their organizations. Harvard Business Review
With Keyhubs we were able to get a grasp of what was requires to make our geographically dispersed team succeed. Barclays Capital
Keyhubs: Leaders in Workplace Social Analytics.

Our Story

When our founder, Vikas Narula, decided to go back to business school in 2006 he had no clue what he was in for.

Having worked in the start-up software world for over a decade, Vikas enrolled in Duke’s Global MBA program with the intention of expanding horizons and gaining a new perspective.

In one of his first management classes, he was introduced to the concept of informal networks – that while we work in hierarchies, real work happens through the web of human connection. Mapping and understanding that web can help organizations and leaders do better.

Enamored and fascinated by this concept, Vikas sought to apply it in his job. Frustrated by the lack of business-oriented tools and services at that time, Vikas teamed up with fellow classmate, Ron Dees, and they decided to build their own.

Like that, Keyhubs was born.

In 2009, Vikas quit his job to pursue Keyhubs full-time. In the beginning, we were exclusively a human networks mapping company – helping organizations see and leverage the hidden web of connections underneath the formal hierarchical structure.

By 2012, we had started using this network data to help leaders see and understand their influence. We had birthed a new kind of 360-like process. Companies were using us to not only understand networks, but to help leaders understand their impact (or the lack thereof).

As we were helping organizations grow through the power of networks, Keyhubs itself was growing through the simple act of connecting with others. We stumbled upon the joy of business development through the magic and wonder of connecting. We continued to stay connected to our growing network through the joy of creating and sharing meaningful content through our blog.

The Keyhubs journey was turning into much more than a business venture. It was becoming an odyssey of serendipity, adventure, and wondrous opportunity.

By 2014, we had not only mapped networks for many Fortune 500 companies, small non-profits, and everything in between, we became evangelists for purpose-driven living and entrepreneurship. Vikas started writing, speaking, and teaching (as an adjunct) on these topics – inspiring others to seek a life of creative self-expression and connection.

This long and winding road led to the epiphany that networks are not just an inside job. Connection (to self and others) is not just a touchy-feely sentiment – it is the very basis of personal growth, development, and learning. It is the foundation for transforming our lives and the world.

In 2017, this story and epiphany was captured in Vikas’ first TEDx talk.

Now, new frontiers are calling us.

In 2017, the Keyhubs Voice software platform was launched and it is helping leaders and organizations glean Keyhubs-like insights in real-time – on a continuous basis.

Clients and conference organizers are tapping us more and more to inspire greater, more meaningful human connection.

We are living into our mission every day and we are grateful.

“A truly unique and insightful approach to identifying value in your people and managing the living, breathing organization beneath the inert super-structure." – Babcock & Wilcox